HLP Klearfold
Cannabis Product Branding and Design
Designed the brand identity and artwork for various cannabis brands that use HLP Klearfold's newly developed, award winning Klearfold® Keeper CR.  The first of its kind, transparent, certified, child-resistant cannabis package. Klearfold® Keeper CR is a tray-and-sleeve style CR package. It's clear plastic substrate delivers product visibility and far greater tear resistance than the paperboard used in other tray-and-sleeve style CR cannabis packages. Also, the resiliency of the Klearfold® Keeper CR substrate allows its simple but very effective locking mechanism to re-lock many times for multiple use products. Since sleeves are made from a clear substrate, printed graphics determine how much of the carton is opaque (printed) and how much transparency remains. This allows brand owners to expose as much, or as little, of their package's contents as desired, whether they are selling vape cartridges, concentrates, pre-rolls, edibles, or other forms of cannabis. So many choices for branding and graphics.
Click here for more information on this AmeriStar Award-winning design.
Brand Development • Graphic Design • Illustration • Package Design • Print Applications • Marketing Samples • Brand Engagement
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