Loading Dock Raleigh
Brand Design and Development
Designed and developed the branding for Loading Dock Raleigh, a co-working and collaborative workspace in the heart of Raleigh, NC.
"Loading Dock Raleigh is a shared workspace for the creative, freelancer, entrepreneur, and remote professional.  We believe strongly that where you work and who you work with is vitally important to the work you do, so we created a workplace where we can work and flourish together unencumbered of the challenges of office space." - Loading Dock Raleigh
• Brand development
• Graphic design
• Illustration
• Logo Design
• Collateral & Signage
• Website (1st edition)
LDR Now Open Banner
Loading Dock Raleigh Coasters
Loading Dock Raleigh Coasters
LDR Branded Mug - Photo Cred @LoadingDockRaleigh
LDR Branded Mug - Photo Cred @LoadingDockRaleigh
LoadingDockRaleigh Membership
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