MWV Natralock®
Security Package Branding
MeadWestvaco roots are in paper and they manufacturer all types of paperboard used in packaging around the world.  The tear resistant Natralock® brand is used for making a very strong and secure package, making it very difficult for shoplifters to steal the product inside.
I created the artwork for this design for it to be used as a global sales sample.  The diamond floated inside a clear, plastic vac form bubble that was sealed inside the Natralock® board.  The purpose was to illustrate just how strong and protective this board could be in a dimensional way. 
For this design, the creatives at MWV embedded a security feature as an alternative for the theft deterrent spider wires found on expensive consumer products. The bright, white beam is a visual cue for the alarm tab on this demo. When pulled out, it breaks the circuit simulating an attempt to cut open the package, sounding an extremely loud alarm.
• Art direction
• Brand development
• Graphic design
• Package design
• Brand engagement
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